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September 2015



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Sep. 17th, 2015


Fic: Turnabout Tea for Two- wrightworth fic rated k+

Title: Turnabout Tea for Two
Author: Trynia Merin
Beta: nerdowl42
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Word count: 2419
Pairing: Edgeworth/Wright (wrightworth mitsunaru)
Rating: K+
Genre: Romance m/m
Disclaimer: Ace Attorney is owned by Capcom, not me. I make no money for the writing of this fan fiction. I'm just borrowing the characters.
A/n: first fic in this fandom. Please read and review!

Around them he glimpsed the contents of the head prosecutors office. That prominent Stee Samurai figurine represented the same character whose theme was one of his ring tones. A King of Prosecutors trophy sat on a shelf. Law books were neatly arranged on the huge floor to ceiling bookshelf. Nothing accumulated a layer of dust apparently, though he knew why it appeared so clean. Gumshoe diligently dusted the entire room each week whether it needed it or not.

“Wright, you had a few questions?” murmured the so called Demon Prosecutor.

“Yeah,” Phoenix said, wandering over to the desk. He glimpsed the framed elaborate coat, which hung on the one wall, out of the corner of one eye. It was hard to believe even Edgeworth had worn such a garment unless he recalled how Manfred Von Karma had attired himself.

Edgeworth murmured, “Pull up a chair then. Knowing you it may take a while.”

Ack, he thought. His old friend certainly knew how to poke him verbally. What lessened the dig was the slight twinkle in his grey eyes. A similar sparkle commenced in the dark inky black blue of his own. Both men's lip corners twitched up in that challenging smile that two rivals and school aged friends shared.

“Thanks, Edgeworth,” said Phoenix, taking ahold of the chair.

“Bring it around on this side. You unlike me cannot read documents upside down,” the prosecutor said with a waggle of his finger.

Phoenix dragged his chair around the desk, sat down, and placed a hand on the desk by the documents. His elbow brushed the maroon sheathed sleeve of his long time rival and friend. Whether intentional or not, he didn't care. It was electric as always before. Just like years ago, and the small touches he got from the other. Brushes of sleeves and such that tided him over the years, but lately he wanted more.

“Sherry Marachino’s prints weren't on the hairbrush, but there was blood on the floor, as well as on the back of the brush,” mumbled Phoenix.

“I really shouldn't be hearing that from you Wright.. Isn't she a client of yours?” Edgeworth murmured.

“I didn't take her case,” Phoenix quickly cut him off. Raising a brow the chief prosecutor made a small noise.

“Then you presume she is guilty?” Edgeworth surmised.

Leaning closer Phoenix nodded and whispered, “Yes.”

Just the smallest hint of a smile twitched the corner of Edgeworth’s lip. He angled his head the slightest bit, then murmured back, “A hit and run case, as I guessed. Then she must have logically wrapped a cloth around her hand or worn gloves when hitting her boyfriend on the head with the back of it.”

“Hairbrushes aren't that heavy,” Phoenix mumbled. “But this was a silver plated one…”

Edgeworth picked up his teacup and sipped it. Still brushing arms with Phoenix he nodded. “Indeed. A metal handled brush with a metallic head would be sufficient to inflict a bruise at the base of the skull… Yet…”

“Her nose was broken,” Phoenix pointed out. “Maybe they hit him in the face with it…”

“Presumably driving the nasal bone into the brain?” Edgeworth finished, raising his eyebrows.

“And that was the fatal blow…” Phoenix added, with an excited nod. He grabbed Edgrworth’s forearm excitedly, swinging the chair around. Soft fine cloth met his fingertips. Always his old schoolmate liked the finer things. It was something he'd longed to touch but was sure he'd get charged for if he messed it up. Unlike his own discount blue suit fabric. All weather wear that didn't need a fortune to dry clean.

“Ahem, Wright, though we are on the same wavelength, I fail to see that ripping my sleeve is an appropriate means to celebrate,” the prosecutor said.

Phoenix released the sleeve, albeit reluctantly. “Oops, sorry!”

“I do think a cup of tea is more suitable, Wright. Just a moment,” Edgeworth cut him off before he rose to his feet. As he turned, the attorney caught a fleeting glimpse of the way the neatly fit suit trousers contoured Edgeworth’s backside. Said rear vanished an instant later under the tail of his jacket since his back faced Phoenix now. He stopped in front of his tea set so what he did was obscured by his body.

“One sugar, and light on the milk. I don't pour half of the cup full like you do,” Phoenix teased.

“Honestly drinking this blend without milk drops some of the flavor…” Edgeworth murmured, clicking his tongue. “Though with others…”

Phoenix steeled himself for a discourse on brands of tea now, so he cut in, “You mean like ginseng and green tea which can be drunk straight?”

“Affirmative,” Edgeworth answered with his back still to Phoenix. A mild note of surprise highlighted his tone. Smoothly he swung around carrying another cup with saucer, and a spoon balanced on it.

Phoenix smiled a bit watching him return and pass him the cup. He held the saucer and lifted it cup and all to take a sip. “Ouch!”

“Wright, put a spoon in it!” Edgeworth chided, reaching across to grab the cup before Phoenix dropped it.

“My tongue!” Phoenix yelped.

“Honestly, what have I told you? If you must, pour it into the saucer to cool it,” Edgeworth grimaced.

Still Phoenix pressed hands to his mouth in a vain attempt to negate his stinging tongue. He let out a whine. Sighting Edgeworth out down the cup with the spoon in it. He crossed over to the water pitcher filled with ice and used a spoon to capture a few pieces.

“Stay there… Don't move you idiot,” Edgeworth half barked at him. Quickly he shoved the glass into Phoenix's hand and glared at him.

“Mmmm!” Phoenix protested till he saw the glass with the ice. Using a spoon, Edgeworth held up a piece expectantly.

“Open up, Wright… No arguments!”

Phoenix complied by accepting the ice on his scorched tongue. Since it was in the spoon it didn't contact his mouth directly. In those grey eyes he saw a hint of concern from his old friend. Backing into his chair Edgeworth sat opposite him.

“Now just suck on that for minute or two, Wright. I'll not have your speech compromised for the trial tomorrow,” the prosecutor mumbled. “Seriously only you would burn yourself on a hot cup of tea but fail to be injured by falling off a burning bridge!”

“Hmmnnng,” was all Phoenix could say around the cold spoon chilled by the ice. He wondered for a moment if his old friend had burned his mouth as a child. Normally he'd wait before sipping the tea, but he'd been so excited to accept it and prove to Edgeworth he could appreciate tea that he had forgotten. Crossing his arms Edgeworth tapped his finger on his upper arm.

“I should be glad that you aren't babbling inanely, but it hardly seems fair,” the prosecutor quipped.

“Mmmph!” Phoenix protested, glaring back.

“Are you all right?” asked a few minutes, later after glaring at Phoenix to make sure he kept the spoon on his tongue. He dropped a few ice cubes into the cup for his friend.
Phoenix nodded. “Mmm hmmm.”

“Good. This should be tepid enough. Next time, wait a bit. You doubtless have seen how I sip the tea carefully and use my upper lip to judge if it's too hot for consumption,” Edgeworth advised, leaning close.

Finally Phoenix felt the stinging burn evaporate followed by the numbness of the soothing ice. He dared to take the spoon out and set it on the saucer. “Sheesh, thanks Miles… I meant Edgrworth…”

“Not a problem. Honestly you fail to think ahead at times. What would you do without someone to keep your impulsive nature in check?” the prosecutor replied, not bothering to correct him on the slip up for a change.

Such an opportunity seemed too choice to ignore. Could he read enough into the comfortable companionship or was it just a blossoming friendship? A few years ago he wouldn't have been sharing tea with his childhood friend so casually. Nor escape without berate meant for failing to address the prosecutor by last name.

“I don't know. Maybe make your life boring?” Phoenix teased, feeling a slight flush in his cheeks.

Putting his cup and saucer down, Edgeworth murmured, “indeed. By the way, is your tongue…”

“It's fine, thanks to you,” Phoenix said softly, scooting his chair up so his knee almost touched the other mans. “I'm sorry I was such a klutz.”

“Think nothing of it. Other than the fact if you spat out the tea I'd send you the bill for having the carpet cleaned,” Edgeworth quipped, remaining where he was. Both arms were still crossed over his chest, his mouth schooled into a slight smirk.

“Miles,” he uttered. Bending over he caught the chief prosecutor’s lips with his own. Warm and wet, but quivering.

He sincerely hoped he hadn't misjudged the situation. Known for turning court cases upside down with his unconventional methods, Phoenix did have his moments of crash and burn. Please don't let this be one of them, he silently pleaded.

Warm lips did not jerk away, nor did they respond. Instead Edgeworth froze in place statue still. For a few seconds his logical brain short circuited. Was it his imagination or reality? Clearly the wave of warm arousal left a tingle in his wake the moment Phoenix pulled his lips away.

“I… Verily… Ergo…” Was all the prosecutor could muster of his vast vocabulary. He uncrossed his arms.

“The prosecution is speechless. Geez Edgeworth, you couldn't get more verbal,” Phoenix awkwardly teased. His blue eyes darted about for a moment or way to strategically adjourn from his blunder.

“Objection! You fail to allow for a moment to process this development,” Edgeworth finally answered. At this point the attorney had sprung out if his chair like it contained hot coals.

“I think I made a big mistake,” Phoenix said awkwardly as he backed away towards the door. Perhaps he could make a run for it.

“Wright, Hold it!” Edgeworth called out.

Only his words prevented Phoenix from bolting out of office 1202. Frantic, he searched the face of the prosecutor for any sign of emotion. He only found an irritated gleam in Edgeworth’s eyes which could mean many things.

“You are retreating without allowing for cross examination? How unlike you, Wright,” Edgeworth taunted, arms folded across his chest. He tapped that one finger on his upper arm.

Phoenix clutched the door knob with one hand. He swallowed before pointing a finger at him and snapping, “look, it's kind of hard to judge what you're thinking and if I put my foot in my mouth..”

“Isn't that what you usually are guilty of?” Edgeworth asked, smirking slightly. “You kissed me, and now you are running away?”

“You didn't return it or say anything,” Phoenix mumbled sullenly. “What am I supposed to think except you don't…”

“Objection, I did say something which indicated my surprise, but I voiced no complaint,” Edgeworth countered. He crossed the floor in just a few strides and grabbed Phoenix by the upper arm.

Since he was a bit clumsy Phoenix knew he was unaccustomed to touching. Still holding Phoenix by that grip Edgeworth bent over and turned his head to the side. He deposited a tentative kiss on Phoenix’s mouth. In contrast to the brief touch his grip tightened on the attorneys sleeve.

Only a slight blush bore witness to the subtle change in his demeanor yet Phoenix knew that look well. Eyes downcast staring at the floor Edgeworth mumbled, “Unnecessary feelings become necessary do they not, Wright?”

Phoenix hooked his arm around the prosecutor’s waist before he yanked him into a kiss. Soft and delicate didn't define what he felt from the way he covered the prosecutor’s mouth with his. Out from under his lips Miles opened his mouth to dominate the kiss once he let go of Phoenix’s upper arm. Instead he locked one arm around the other man almost possessively. The other hand clutched the back of wrights head.

Startled Phoenix's mouth dropped open that next instant. Edgeworth swept his tongue over his bottom lip and traced his lower teeth. Such boldness surprised the defense attorney who expected a shy delicate kiss instead of this intense pressure. He had to pull away to breathe and open his eyes to look at the others face.

“Whoa there,” Phoenix half chuckled.

“That is all you can say?” Edgeworth quipped, but his grey eyes sparkled mischievously. The same way they did when they both dueled in court.

“Hey you're no so eloquent yourself,” Phoenix countered, daring to press his forehead to the other mans. To his delight Edgeworth didn't pull away. Both clung to each other as if unsure of how to continue.

“I am unaccustomed to some matters, but others I am not,” Edgeworth managed to pant. “Interpret that however you wish, yet a romantic liaison with you was not far from expectation.”

“Then you do feel it,” Phoenix dared whisper. Edgeworth answered with another kiss, a bit more restrained and exploratory. He tasted to Phoenix of earl grey, milk and some sugar while Phoenix tasted like… Burgers and salt.

“Miss Fey twisted your arm yet again and extorted you for hamburgers?” Edgeworth whispered.

“Uh huh,” Phoenix panted, his mind far from food and more on how his heart pounded in his chest.

“Also it would appear your tongue has sufficiently recovered to drink the rest of your tea, before it gets cold,” Edgrworth mumbled.

“Wait… What about that kiss?” Phoenix asked, feeling a pang of disappointment.

“Wright… Did I say that I minded the kiss? I simply pointed out that your tea would get cold. I did not say you could not resume the kiss after a few sips,” Edgeworth sighed, rolling his eyes.

“Ah… Yeah… True,” Phoenix replied, steadying his pounding heart at the fact the prosecutor had mentioned the words “kiss” and “resume” in the same sentence. Along with “did not mind.” He quickly picked up his saucer and cup again. Yet this time he took out the spoon and slowly tested the steam above the cup with his upper lip. Across from him Edgeworth did the same, not breaking their gaze which grew as heated as the tea.

Once he out the cup down, the prosecutor took the attorney’s cup and set it next to his own on the desk. He scooted his chair closer, grabbed ahold of Phoenix's tie, then pulled him forward. Both sets of lips lightly collided before Edgeworth let go of the red neck ware. He wrapped both arms around the others waist. Phoenix lifted both arms to loop them around his friends neck.

May. 21st, 2015


Benefits of a Snog Box-Chapter 5- whouffle

Title: Benefits of a Snog Box
Author: Trynia Merin
Chapter 5-Dinner and Pool
Summary: While Clara and the Doctor explore kissing, how far will they go to figure out the benefits of the TARDIS as a "snog box?" Whouffle
Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - [Clara O., 11th Doctor]
Disclaimer: The BBC owns Doctor Who, not me. I make no money for the writing of this fan fiction.

A/n: thanks to Nerdowl for the beta reading.
Read more...Collapse )

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Chapter 4-Benefits of Snog box- Skydiving Over Gliese 581 D rated T

Title: Benefits of a Snog Box
Author: Trynia Merin
Chapter 4/?: Skydiving Over Gliese 581 D
Summary While Clara and the Doctor explore kissing, how far will they go to figure out the benefits of the TARDIS as a "snog box?" Whouffle
Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - [Clara O., 11th Doctor]


Disclaimer: the BBC owns Doctor Who, not me. I make no money from the writing of this Fanfiction. The only things that belong to me are the characters that aren't canon or in the show.

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May. 16th, 2015


Benefits of a Snog Box- whouffle part 3 rated T

Title: Benefits of a Snog Box
Category: TV Shows » Doctor Who
Author: Trynia Merin
Language: English, Rating: Rated: M
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Published: 01-07-15, Updated: 03-24-15

Chapter 3: Chapter 3-Post Snog Breakfast
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Benefits of a Snog Box whouffle part 2 rated T

Chapter 2: Chapter 2-Boundaries
Pairing: Whouffle

Rating: T for M/F

Word count: 1450

Disclaimer: BBC owns Doctor Who, I don't. I make no money for the writing of this fan fiction.
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Benefits of a Snog Box part 1 Whoffle rated NC 18

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

May. 3rd, 2015


Whofic: Graceful Heart 8th/Grace part 2 rated M

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Whofic: Graceful Heart 8th/Grace rated T part 1

Title: Doctor of a Graceful Heart

By Trynia Merin

Beta/ review by Nerdowl

Rating: M for m/f sex

Genre: romance

Summary: Grace agreed to a trip, but she is overwhelmed with all the exotic destinations. How does the Doctor show her heart not to beat in fear but in joy? 

Based on Prisoners of Time by Scott and David Tipton

A/n: this is based on the comic prisoners of time published by IDW, written by Scott and David Tipton, after the 8th doctor started taking Grace to different planets.

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Mar. 29th, 2014


Bleach fanfic: Not in Control but Thriving-RyuukenXTatsuki rated M

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Nov. 28th, 2013


Fanfic: Backed Up to the Wall- MeixAo fanfic rated M

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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